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Premium Digital Brinell Hardness - Nexus 3000 from Bowers Metrology - UK

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Product Spefication
Other Details
Brinell microscope and built/in hardness calculator, shows Brinell hardness value directly on the display, converts to Rockwell, Vickers, Leebs and tensile strength.
The NEXUS 3000 series offers a Brinell or Brinell/Vickers hardness tester with a range of options.
The advanced, Load Cell, Force Feedback Closed Loop, load application system
Test loads ranging from 30kgf to 3000kgf in one.
NEXUS technology assures that your tests are donbe with high efficiency – Speed & Accuracy

Superior Test Control
Superior Accuracy
Superior Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility
Superior Productivity
Superior Flexibility
NEXUS 3001 30kgf to 3000kgf, Brinell (HB), large multi function LCD display,
NEXUS 3002 As 3001 but allows testing of both Brinell HB and Vickers HV scales.
Electronic eyepiece (optional) - Electronic eyepiece and enter Brinell or Vickers diagonals directly
Motorized spindle The NEXUS 3002 with motorized automatic elevator spindle
for fully automatic test procedures; positioning, main load, dwell, unload.
Printer A fast silent thermal data printer is optionally available.
Frame types Standard vertical capacity 300mm, throat depth 150mm, XL frame: vertical capacity 500mm
Metascope 2003
B 3000 PC Computerised TKB 3000 by Brinell Microscope OPFB 3000 D- Digital Brinell -Optical TKB 3000 M- Manual – Brinell Microscope OPFB 3000- Optical 14X Screen
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The Brinell Hardness Tester, is precision engineered conforming to IS : 228112005, BS : 240 and is most suitable for production, testing & R&D aplications. These machines are designed to measure hardness of castings, forgings, other metals and alloys of all kinds, hard or soft, whether, flat, round or irregular in shape. A separate hydraulic power pack placed at the bottom, makes the design more stable and easy serviceable.

Model Measurement Mode
TKB 3000, TKB 3000M By Separate Brinell Microscope
OPFB 3000
OPFB 3000 D
Direct Diagonal reading optical device with 14 X Magnification
Digital Display of Brinell in addition to OPFB
3000 PC Computerised Auto Measuring

Standard Accessories
Testing Table dia 200 mm
Testing Table dia 50 mm
Testing Table dia 70mm with 'V' Groove for round jobs dia 10 to 80mm
Ball holder dia 5 mm with T.C. Ball
Ball holder dia 10 mm with T.C. Ball
Test block HB-5/750
Test Block HB - 10 / 3000
Brinell Microscope – Not Provided with Optical and Computerised Machines
Allen Spanner
Instruction Manual

Technical Data - B 3000 C
Loads - 500 to 3000 in stages of 250 (187.5, 250 Kgs available on select Models)
Max Test Height x Throat mm – 380 x 200 (Pl check for Specific Models)
  Depth Of elevating Screw – 180mm
  Machine Height (mm) (Appx) – 1145
  Size of Base (mm) - 380 x 740
  IN Put Power - 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph AC

Technical Data - TKB 3000 M
Loads - 500 to 3000 in stages of 250
Max Test Height x Throat mm – 220 x 150 (Pl check for Specific Models)
  Depth Of elevating Screw – 180mm
  Machine Height (mm) (Appx) – 860
  Size of Base (mm) – 270 x 500
  In Put Power – NO Power required
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