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Rockwell Hardness Tester – FINE ( Export Model )

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Taper front look & equipped with Big dial gauge and superior aesthetic look over conventional Rockwell Hardness Tester.
The machine is powder quoted & paint shade does not fade over the years of use.
Most of the important parts are plated to avoid rusting.
An antifriction linear bearing is fixed in Hardened & ground stepped bush which will provide perfect vertical movement of diamond holder. Testing of small pin or ball upto 3mm dia
All models conform to

IS : 3804 BS 10109-2 & ASTM-E-18 for Rockwell Test
IS : 5073 BS 10198-2 & ASTM - E-18 for Rockwell Superficial Test &
IS : 2281 BS 10003-2 & ASTM - E-10 for Brinell Test.
Rockwell Hardness Tester – FINE

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Standard Accessories
FMI – Range TRS, TRS150, TRB, TRB 250, TSM are all precision engineered conforming to IS : 3804, BS : 891 part I & II, ASTM E 18 for Rockwell , IS 2281 – 1983, BS 240, ASTM E10 for Brinell and ATM E 18 for Superficial Scales. They are most suitable for production, testing & R&D applications of Most metals and alloys, Hard or Soft, Flat or Round, even irregular shapes at times. They are easy to use, sensitive and accurate. Engineers First Choice.
Technical Specfication
Model TRS TRS-150 TRB TRB-250 TSM
1 Test Loads (Kgf) 60, 100, 150 (Rockwell) 60, 100, 150 (Rockwell) 60, 100, 150 (Rockwell), 187.5(Brinell) 60, 100, 150 (Rockwell) 187.5, 250 (Brinell) 60, 100, 150 (Rockwell)
15, 30, 45 (Superficial)
2. Intial Loads (Kgf) 10 10 10 10 10(Rockwell)and 3
3.Mx.Test Height (mm) 215 295 215 295 295
4. Depth of Throat (mm) 132 148 132 148 148
5. Max.Depth of Elevating Screw mm 230 290 230 290 290
6. Size of Base (mm) (Approx) 430X180 475X220 430X180 475X220 475X220
7. Machine Height (mm) 635 865 635 865 865
8.Nett Weight (Approx)Kg 65 105 65 105 125
Metascope 2003
Premium Digital Rockwell / Twin Hardness - Eseway Range from Bowers Metrology - UK
EW 650 & EW-670 Series
LCD touch screen, superior functionality, ultra high precision, 3 models available

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Product Spefication
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Measures all Std & Superficial Rockwell hardness values
Conversion to HV, HB and other HR scales
Rugged fine cast frame allowing large work pieces
ASTM, ISO, JIS compliant
ESELOAD™ - motorised, auto selection of main loads depending on HR scale (676 & 677 only)
Superior measuring by Heidenhain (Germany) transducer
ESETOUCH™ advanced LCD touch screen & operator panel - user friendly menu operation in multiple languages
High speed preload, loading and unloading procedure for ultra high efficiency
ESELIFT™ (677 only) motorised elevating screw
Automatic procedure, load / dwell / unload (677 only)
ESEMATIC™ fully automatic positioning and measuring procedure (positioning, preload, load, dwell, unload (676 and 677 models))
Storage of 50 test programs and tester settings
Alpha numerical data entry
Continuous automatic “online’’ statistics, incl. average of readings etc, Storage of 99 single hardness values
Go / No Go mode
Convex and concave measuring mode
Calibration date expired (reminder)
Service mode including electronic linearity calibration, tests counter, maintenance system
Prints statistics to built-in printer or external printer
USB2 data output with network capability
Metascope 2003
Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester – FINE

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Product Spefication
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21 X 8 Unes LCD Graphics Display with Backlit
Minor Load is graphically displayed on LCD screen
RKeyboard data entry for Serial No, Batch No, No. of readings for Average, Cylindrical orrection, Date and time
Dual Time setting for Major Load 1 TO 99 sec.
Battery backup Real lime Clock for Test results time stamp
Results are displayed in BIG Font size
500 Results Data Storage
Batch wise reports and statistical reports
At a time user can see 7 readings on LCD display and he can scroll with UP/DOWN keys
Automatic Selected Weight Detection
User can select appropriate scale according to weight selected
Motorised Automatic Loading or Manual Loading Model selectable
Rockwell. Rockwell superficial and Rockwell cum Bnnell hardness testers
Conversion of results from Rockwell to Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV), Knoop (HK), Tensile Strength (KSI)
Serial Port for Dot Matrix Printer or Thermal Printer Interface
Print Result consists of Batch No. Serial No, Date lime, Hardness Value and hardness Scale
RS232C Port can be programmable. Baud rate and Parity can be selected
Conforms to
IS 1586 - 2000, BSEN - ISO - 6508 - 2, ASTM - E - 18 for Rockwell
IS2281 - 1983, BS240, ASTM - E – 10 for Brinell
IS 1586 - 2000,ASTM - E - 18 for Rockwell Superficial test

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