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Crisp, high resolution, precision Optics Provide an Excellent, erect, unreversed stereoscopic image. Suitable for Use in Electronics, IC Chip / SMD, Electrical, Watch Industry, Material Analysis & Research Jobs.
Wide Magnification Options
Binocular and Trinocular Model (for Camera Attachment)
Excellent Range of Stands and Holding Devices
SMD Inspection System - Large Bed Stage for PCB Industry
Plan Achromatic EPI 100X DRY Objective
Cost effective Stereo Range for Shop floor / Assembly
Fibre Optic, Fluroscent Ring Illumination systems
Long Life, good quality and realibilty.
Meiji Techno offers an incredible range of microscopes for numerous application fields. All of them are finely crafted to ensure User the best comfort and ease of use. Meiji offers consistent quality, reliabilty and cost effective Microscopes.
Other Microscopes – in Meiji Techno Japan - Range

Biological / Biotech / Research Microscope
Gem Stereo - Jeweller / Gemologist
Microscope Accessories / Camera's / Stands

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RZ Series
RZ Series - Research Stereo Common Main Objective Design

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Two parallel optical paths sharing one common large objective defines the Common Main Objective design and with a wide range of photo accessories and illumination choices, the RZ Series of CMO Microscopes are perfect for high end lab or production work with optional ergonomic head.
Crisp, distortion-free, high-resolution, Magnification 3.75x to 300x
10:1 zoom ratio with built-in variable dual-iris diaphragms
12 positive click stops through the zoom range
Micro Zoom 0745

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New Micro Zoom's enhanced optics results in clearer and more distinctive ../IMAGES all the way out to the periphery of the field of view. A long working distance 118mm, increased focal depth and high eyepoint extra wide field eyepiece SWH10X ( dia 23mm) makes it perfect for all application ranging from industrial/Electronic Components to research application
Step less Zoom magnification 7X-45 X basic

Optional - Surface & Contour illumination

Binocular / Trinolcular eyetubes 45 degree
Main Body can be rotated 360 Degree
The range of adjusting the diaopter +/- 6.
Interpupilar distance adjustment range 55mm to 75mm
Optional eyepiece 20X & 30X & Aux Objectives 0.5 X & 2X
Optional Fluoroscent Ring Illumination / LED Ring Light

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