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Ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges To measure thickness, determine material properties and detect flaws in many materials including forgings, composites, plastics and welds Incorrect or missed inspections put your component's integrity at risk. Proceq’s advanced ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges provide intuitive measurement solutions to ensure part integrity. The Proceq Flaw Detector 100 is a flexible high tech ultrasonic inspection instrument. The basic UT model can be upgraded with the Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) and Phased Array (PA) modes anytime and anywhere, even on site. .
The Proceq Flaw Detector 100 has a large display to show the A-scans from the two onboard channels. The use is simple and efficient due to wizards and an active help file. 3D scan plans assist in creating inspection procedures and analyzing the results.
The upgrade to Proceq Flaw Detector 100 PA 16:16 or 16:64 will bring a broad spectrum of applications that can be setup, performed and analyzed using the inbuilt wizards and user guides. For users wishing to learn about the phased array capabilities, or to show a sectoral scan.
IBandwidth down to 200 kHz to test on attenuative materials, plus 2 axis encoding to record data
A, B, C, True Top and End scans imaging capabilities cover many applications
The 3D scan plan helps to visualize the phased array beam coverage in the component
Simple 30 second configuration
IC scans can be displayed in amplitude or depth. With merged C scans, data is displayed for all inspection passes in the same view
UThe upgrade to Proceq Flaw Detector 100 TOFD enables the TOFD application to deliver the highest performance. Two channels make it possible to inspect thick parts in a single pass. High frequency probes can be used to get accurate defect sizes.
Only pay for the options you need
Advanced features such as lateral wave removal and lateral wave straightening

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