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he Zonotip with its shockproof housing and fast processor delivers reliable thickness measurements of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, polymers, composites, glass, ceramics and epoxies. The Zonotip is for thickness testing of a wide range of materials. Its high-contrast color display ensures visual control of the inspection process.
The Zonotip+ includes a smaller single-element transducer which is suitable for measuring in areas where access is limited.
Easy to setup and use.
The A scan mode allows a more in-depth analysis of the reading (Zonotip+ only)
Rugged housing for difficult weather conditions (frost- and heat-proof)
Ergonomic easy One hand Operation - Including Range, Gate setting, Gain adjustments
extremly Light weight and compact easy to use in tough work conditions
upto 80dB in steps of 1dB

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